Apple iPhone SE 2 With Wireless Charging To Launch in may or June

Apple iphone is the successor in 2018. The original iPhone SE was launched in march and a successor was expected in march of 2017. however, the iPhone SE 2 (tentatively named) will succeed the highly popular iPhone SE in 2018.

Rumour roundup

how ever a new report has clamed that the iphone SE 2 will be launch in may or june of 2018. this is a bit contradicting to previous reports about the upcoming iphone SE successor. the report also clamed that the iphone SE will have a glass back sense as all the three iphones realeased in 2017 had wireless charging. apple would want to keep a uniformity among its new iphones especially with the launch of the Airpower .

Airpower is the wireless charging feature in it. airpower is a wireless charging pad which is use to charge iPhone , Apple watch and the airpods all at the ssame time. bringing in the iphone SE 2 with the same features will mean it will be compatible with apple’s latest product.

The iphone SE was lonched in the india at the price 39000. however Apple cut the prise later and then now its cost 18,996 for the 32GB storage variant. A lot will depend on the pricing of the iphone se2 in india we never how how much it cost but i’m sure Apple will play his game as a brand name of Apple. Now that the phone will be manufactured by Wistron in its Bengaluru Manufactureing plant , thee price could be the much more competitive.

The wistron plant in india which is going to manufacture the apple iphone SE2 for india this year which was establised early this years. So this is is going to manufacture iPhone SE 2 in india Awesom.

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