New seller on Fiverr not getting any projects.

“Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.” “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things!

So Hi there How are you all I’m back with new store its not other people story its mine story. So i thought why don’t share with my Audiance so they will also get some information and be Aware & make their best Decisions.

Ok so lets starts, I have already written a article or blog on WordPress about the question is what is Fiver ( it is the place or earning ,freelancer site.) so from there you can signup and make profile as a sellers and you can provides a gigs (Gigs means is you are providing a service so that people gonna place a order on your servide and you’re going to complet that project. After completing that project you give to your buyers so that he/she Buyer’s will pay you for thet service, and also feedback.

But the real story start from here. I was also looking for some extra money so i decided to make profile on Fiverr and Provided my service so i can earn some extra money. BUT ITS BEEN 20 DAYS OR MORE But I’m not geting any project. I also Tried to give offers to buyer’s in Buyer Request but I’m not getting Any project.

I’ve tried lots of effort so i can get the project but its also didn’t working (In india people says This is not in your Destiny so That the same destiny of mine I’m feeling Right now.)

A friend of my is also working on Fiverr and his working well but its not What happen to my profile i don’t know.

I means its funny right your also doing the same thing but your not geting any project.

and the main thing is i was suggested that friend to join Fiverr.



find my fiverr service here. my fiverr service  

click here :-

Suggest me some tips so i can get the project any one.

Thanks friends


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