So confused and so sacred #Poem

Please read and give me a feedback so I can improve my writing.

An engineer trying to write a poem

Just thought

so-confused-and-so-sacred-poemWhat to do when you find yourself Nowhere when you feel weird about things when you don’t know your feature that how’s it going to be.
If you don’t know your goal.

If you don’t know you’re doing right or wrong.
When you find your life going Nowhere, I’m so scared and so confused.

I feel like I’m scared about everything that what I’m doing or about my feature, about people and life or about taking any risk.

I feel like I don’t know what to do.
I’m so scared and so confused about my life And so confused about Everything.

I don’t even talk with people I don’t even express my self that what actually I want to say.

And I’m really so confused about how’s to react at the situation.

How to deal with any people.
So confused and scared.
Looks like my feature?

Is this my feature.
I’m So confused and so scared.

Thank you


Written by me Ajeet Kumar

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