The Pubg Players on YouTube live streaming

I have a YouTube channel and now I’m streaming pubg game on it. I’m not a pro YouTube and Gamer but yeah I can play or make video, vlogs like normal people.

About PUBG

PUBG is a combat, multiplayer game where can make 4 team of 4 players and total members of PUBG is 100 including you. And after your team they all are your enemies so you have to fight with them (You have to kill them) so you can survive at the last of if you survive or team mate survive at the end then you will be winner. So winner prize is a virtual Chicken dinner so you get your rake increase in the game.

So in this YouTube video you can see what I have to do in this game and watch my video and if you enjoyed that please like and subscribe to my channel.

Join me on social media

Instagram: – @ajit3043official

Twitter: – @ajit3043

YouTube: – vlogs

Second channel is:-

Thank you

Ajeet Kumar

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