Great Quotes from Great Minds

what you will declares, you will achieve.

To accomplish great things, we
must not only act, but also dream,
not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

When you think you can’t…
revisit a previous triumph.
Jack Canfield

Sometimes things become possible
if we want them bad enough.
T.S. Eliot

To be a leader, you must
stand for something,
or you will fall for anything.
Anthony Pagano

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Don’t you get it?
This very second you could be
doing something you love and
dream about doing. So do it!

Courage is facing your fears.
Stupidity is fearing nothing.
Todd BellemareI

The spirit, the will to win,
and the will to excel are the things
that endure. These qualities are so
much more important than the
events that occur.
Vince Lombardi

Victory is always possible for the
person who refuses to
stop fighting.
Napoleon Hill k

Great works are performed
not by strength,
but perseverance.
Dr. Samuel Johnson

It doesn’t matter what you are
thinking, or what fear you have,
if you just do it! Action is the only
thing that matters.. .I can see that at
the end of my life, I am not going to
look back and say,
“I wish I had taken more action”.
A- Diana von Welanetz Wentworth

People become successful the
minute they decide to.
Harvey Mackay

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