Is it easy to Read books for beginners?

There are lot of people in this world who want to read books even they buy it constantly but never try to read. You can assume me on same category. it easy to Read books for beginners?

I always wanted to read lots of books and then I also started Surrounding myself with those people who like to read books. I started following people who is interested in books and They are blogger like me. I mean not like me who do not blog constantly. But yeah I blog when I feel its the right time or when ever I feel happy about writing any things.

When I feel that this information I should share with my Audience and my people.

So when I started buying lot of books and started reading it the book story don’t pushes me to read it. You need a habit to do any thing even reading like who read books constantly. For them it is easy to ready but not for beginners. Because they don’t have the habits to do it.

You have to make it one. I surrounded my self with lot of books readers and blogger and book reviewers. So I thought why don’t I also start reading more books and start reviewing that books. It will also help me to read more books and creating new content and so i can also be a book reviewer like these people.

I tell you what, it is not easy for for beginners because at first you start thinking how your going to complete the whole books in very less time. You feel like now I’m going to do it but as you start reading you’re like huh I don’t want to read this book any more. And you throw the book aside.

If you really want to succeed in this you have to make your mind that your going to do it. Start reading and don’t stop for any thing because if you left the book then man nothing is going to help you. Your interest will constantly drop and your mind will start thinking g about others things.

Also don’t take your phone Or even think about phone to use because it is distraction. you again not going to make it. So don’t use your phone. Put your phone aside or silent it. Put it in other room so you can’t think about the phone. Because when a notification will come you will start using your phone.

Try to read books in just one sitting so the things you have read will be remembered. And then you can also start writing blog or review what you think about the book.

You can also build a habit of reading by start reading from what you like to read like if you like story or fictional book or love story historical book. What ever you love start with that, that will help you increase your reading habit.

I can still remember the day when I was stared reading a book “Half Girlfriends” written by Chetan Bhagat. He is a well known writer in India and he also written lot of books about love story and fictional books.

When I heard about half girlfriend books I wanted to read it But that I was in college and I usually don’t wanted to buy books so I started searching online and I got it free book pdf version and I started reading and doesn’t stop reading it. From then I got an great interest in book. And I Wanted to read more and more books like this.

So the very first time I bought that book from railway station and like I read that whole book 4 to 5 times when I wanted to read it.

And also bought lot of book but after a long time but now struggling to read it but still I’m trying.

And completed the book in like 15 day’s.

So start reading and get new information and it will help you increase your memories power too.

So best for luck Read more and get more Information.

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