Set your goal first

I got a Mail from The website owner of digitaldeepak.Com and his Full name is Deepak Kanakaraju, he is a entrepreneur, Author, CEO, and CFO of . He is a well known Writer and Digital marketeer, he blog about digital marketer and he also work as a consultant for many company in India.

So why I’m talking about the digital deepak.

lets come to the main point

What do you want to be?

There was a time I use to be like I don’t know what I want to be. I didn’t know what I should do with my life what should I do so that I make my self proud and will stay happy.

So one day I got digital deepak mail and I read it all it was so motivational so then I decided to became a digital marketer.

Actually nobody know what they want to be actually everyone just follow other people who motivate them to become something.

I choose digital marketing because I know that how does it work, I think every person who knows internet that can be a digital marketer.

It’s not a big deals that they can do that and you can’t. 99% of people around you will demotivate you and 1 percent of people will motivate you.

Don’t care about those people who tell you you can, reality is you can.

Just choose wisely what you want to be and just stick with it. If things not work in the Proper way still stick with it. One day you will make it. You will become what you want to be.

It’s not easy to follow you’re dreams

It’s totally not easy what ever you want to become. It’s really hard. You will give 100% of energy just to make your dreams come true. But don’t you worry just do you’re hard work one day it will worth it. Your dream will come.

You will become what you want to be. It will take little time just have patience. It will worth it.

Just look at me I’m a Automobile engineer but then I realized I want to become a digital marketer. it takes two years to be one I haven’t done any digital marketing course but still I know every thing about digital marketing, and just look at me I’m a blogger to.

So you also need not to worry about any thing. Every things take times. Just believe in yourself.

Best of luck


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