Watch “The secret Feature of your phone 2018 #Redmi3s prime.” on YouTube

The secreat feature of smart phone which is indredable and that is really Awesome so if you want to see what is the secreat feature is in the Redmi 3s prime phone or any Xiaomi phone has i guess so so you can also get it and that is fabulous if you also want to … Continue reading Watch “The secret Feature of your phone 2018 #Redmi3s prime.” on YouTube

Artificial  Intelligence -Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and creation of computer systems that can perceive, reason and act. The primary aim of AI is to produce intelligent machines. The intelligence should be exhibited by thinking, making decisions, solving problems, more importantly by learning. AI is an interdisciplinary field that requires knowledge in computer science, linguistics, psychology, … Continue reading Artificial  Intelligence -Introduction

how to wrap and craft command in SolidWorks #2018😊👍

So in this video you can learn how you can use wrap and draft cammand i solidwork so watch this video and learn solidwork. This video mostly usefull for engineer and engineering studend or designers who like to create something and want to grow their skill in SolidWorks and designing. So click on the link … Continue reading how to wrap and craft command in SolidWorks #2018😊👍

Watch “solidwork assembly command tutorial #1st” on YouTube

Lear solidworks assembly command from here . You can watch my videos and learn from it. How you can assemble any parts and in this video we are learing how we can assemble a banchwise machine so we can grow our skill in solidwork of 2018 verson.. And really sorry to say that this video … Continue reading Watch “solidwork assembly command tutorial #1st” on YouTube

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So what’s I’m doing from long day #I_designed_a_car 😋

So Hello guy's how are you all ,how's going. So I'm here again and about for a long time i was disappear but because i love to make more and new friends here so that's why I'm here again. I was busy in working office to home and again home to office so i was … Continue reading So what’s I’m doing from long day #I_designed_a_car 😋

Get Paid For Tweeting

If you are someone who loves Twitter and was eagerly waiting to discover a way of making money online on Twitter, then there’s good news for you. You can make money on Twitter just my posting “sponsored tweets.” Of Course, Twitter is not going to make a millionaire but it’s a good way to earn … Continue reading Get Paid For Tweeting

Listen And Rate Music

If you love listening to music and can write an opinion based on your review of the music, then this way can be an excellent opportunity for you to make some money. There are companies, advertising agencies and other individual music creators who need people to listen to their music, review it and write an … Continue reading Listen And Rate Music