The inspiring story Appreciation of Hard Work

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.


How Many Eggs In A Day Are Good For Your Heart?

Eating 1 egg in a day with a healthy balanced diet is good for your heart and cholesterol levels. Eggs give a boost to HDL (good) cholesterol in the body Boiled eggs are the healthiest to eat Diabetics and heart patients should keep a check on their egg consumption Eggs are one of the most … Continue reading How Many Eggs In A Day Are Good For Your Heart?

Why i want be a motivational Speaker #Thought

You know there is so many motivation video's on internate and there is so many motivational speaker in India, I belongs to india so i'm talking about indian motivational speakers but yeah There is so many speaker from all over the world. So what motivational speaker Do? Why tbey motivate us and so many Audiance. … Continue reading Why i want be a motivational Speaker #Thought

How to Change YouTube Channel Name

Hello Friends in This article i'm telling you How you can change your YouTube channel Name. Now in this generation there is so many people in this world who is use internet and Use to watch video on youtube and also so many people is uploading videos on youtube so the whole world can watch … Continue reading How to Change YouTube Channel Name

Become A Ghostwriter

Who is a Ghostwriter? In simple terms, a Ghostwriter is a person who writes for other people. Most of the busy bloggers, authors, publishers hire ghostwriters for completing their writing work. As a ghostwriter, your completed work will be owned by the person who employs you. Your name will never appear anywhere as an author. … Continue reading Become A Ghostwriter