Python – Variable Types

Python - Variable Type Variables are nothing but reserved memory locations to store values. This means that when you create a variable you reserve some space in memory. Based on the data type of a variable, the interpreter allocates memory and decides what can be stored in the reserved memory. Therefore, by assigning different data … Continue reading Python – Variable Types

Artificial  Intelligence -Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and creation of computer systems that can perceive, reason and act. The primary aim of AI is to produce intelligent machines. The intelligence should be exhibited by thinking, making decisions, solving problems, more importantly by learning. AI is an interdisciplinary field that requires knowledge in computer science, linguistics, psychology, … Continue reading Artificial  Intelligence -Introduction

Do Social Media Moderation

Many companies and brands have multiple social media accounts. They use these accounts to stay connected with their customers, receive feedback and resolve their problems. As the company’s client base grows it becomes difficult for them to keep up with all the customer-generated content such as questions, comments and so on. That’s where social media … Continue reading Do Social Media Moderation

Learn Solidworks pattern command, Rib & shell Command

Hi friends i'm hoping this video willl help you to understand solidworks easly. In this video i'm explaining some of the pattern command and Rib command , shell command etc. some command which you can also find it in Autocad command. All commands are same as Autocad in solidworks. But in Autocad we can operate … Continue reading Learn Solidworks pattern command, Rib & shell Command

The Different Stages of Generating Vows

Generating vows can also be thought of as directing the mind to the path of cultivation and giving rise to the Bodhi mind. There are five stages, beginning with the ordinary person and ending with the attainment of Buddhahood. i) The Path of Man The word "Path" in the Path of Cultivation is like the … Continue reading The Different Stages of Generating Vows

Learn solidworks for beginer

I know there i so many people and students in this world who want to learn designig software, mostly engineering student who want to learn software like Autocad, solidworks, NX, UG, 3Ds max etc. There is so many software engineering student should must learn. so if anyone want to learn solidworks then click on the … Continue reading Learn solidworks for beginer

The ugly Duckling

IT was summer in the countery. All the day had been stacked, and the fields of wheat were yellow. Tall dock leaves grew on the banks of canals. Among the dock leaves, on her nest, sat a duck waiting for her eggs to hatch. She had been waiting for a long time. At least the … Continue reading The ugly Duckling

Story of a The lazy Donkey

"So this a story of a lazy donkey ,who don't like to work but at the end he learn the lesson." In a land far awey, lived a kind and hardworking farmer. He had a special power to understand the language of animals. One evening, he heard the donkey and the bull talking to each … Continue reading Story of a The lazy Donkey

Book says :- Accepting Retribution, Fulfilling Wishes and Making Vows

The aim of coming into human existence is to accept retribution, fulfill wishes and make vows. We must accept retribution for what we did in the past, regardless of whether it was from this life, our previous life or the innumerable lives before. We must accept karmic effects when causes and conditions ripen in this … Continue reading Book says :- Accepting Retribution, Fulfilling Wishes and Making Vows

what is the reason why most people will never achieve anything significant?

"DO NOT WATCH THE CLOCK, DO WHAT IT DOES KEEP GOING" Most people dont achieve what they want in life, its not because capable, its not because they are't capable. its because lack opportunity. its not because of the circumtances and events that arrive in their life. Most often its is because most people never define … Continue reading what is the reason why most people will never achieve anything significant?