The inspiring story Appreciation of Hard Work

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Unique Friendship

BOWNY WOLF, Mighty Leopard, Chintu Monkey and Blacky Bear were thick friends. The tales of their Friendship were famous all over the jungle. All the 4 friends enjoyed them- selves and played all over by the jungle. All other animals always expressed their surprise over the unique bond of friendship among the 4 friends. One … Continue reading Unique Friendship

Bobby Turns Brave

Sweety Duck started giving swimming lessons to her both sons. Maddy was small, but he was strong and brave. Bobby was lean and thick and was coward as well. Sweety took her sones to the pond and gave them the signal. Maddy jumped in the water and started swimming as taught by his mothers. Bobby … Continue reading Bobby Turns Brave

Story of a The lazy Donkey

"So this a story of a lazy donkey ,who don't like to work but at the end he learn the lesson." In a land far awey, lived a kind and hardworking farmer. He had a special power to understand the language of animals. One evening, he heard the donkey and the bull talking to each … Continue reading Story of a The lazy Donkey