"The madness of mornings is a key reason most of us believe we have no time" "Successful people have priorities they want to tackle, or things they like to do with their lives, and early mornings are the time when they have the most control of their schedule. It's real time to yourself with no … Continue reading WHAT THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO BEFORE BREAKFAST


Words of motivation that will make you keep going

When you accept your selfthe way you are, The world Recognizes you. its all starts from within. we have this amazing fantasy, about life, this is how things should work. This is my plan, its should go as per my plan. if that doesn't happen, we give up. This life is a test and a … Continue reading Words of motivation that will make you keep going

what is the reason why most people will never achieve anything significant?

"DO NOT WATCH THE CLOCK, DO WHAT IT DOES KEEP GOING" Most people dont achieve what they want in life, its not because capable, its not because they are't capable. its because lack opportunity. its not because of the circumtances and events that arrive in their life. Most often its is because most people never define … Continue reading what is the reason why most people will never achieve anything significant?

 Join Micro Job Sites

  Micro job sites are the sites that post micro tasks and pay you once you complete these tasks. These micro tasks can include anything like counting the shopping list items, calculating the total bill amount, do commenting on blogs and so on. The only problem with micro tasks is that they don’t pay you … Continue reading  Join Micro Job Sites

Do Email Marketing

  What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is another form of affiliate marketing where you use your email list of blog subscribers to promote a certain product. Suitable For - People who love to talk, write, explain and have the ability to persuade. Skills Required - Ability to write promotional emails. Time Required For Building … Continue reading Do Email Marketing

Sell Websites On Flippa

Sell Websites On Flippa What is Flippa.com? Flippa.com is an online marketplace for selling and buying websites. Suitable For - People who like to develop websites. Skills Required - In-depth knowledge of WordPress platform and website creation. Time Required For Creating A Website - Depends on the expertise of the developer in website creation. Tips … Continue reading Sell Websites On Flippa


The term creativity refers to mentel process that lead to solutions, ideas, conceptualisation,artisticforms, theoriesorproductsthat are unique and novel. With many of us , much creative talent remains untapped through out life. until we try,  we never know what we can actuly achieve. we all have a creative side of our brain and , therfore we … Continue reading Creativity