10 Businesses You Can Start Even with Rs. 1000

The economy is growing and looking at the trend, it will continue to grow. With this, there are a number of small business opportunities which can bank on the possibilities. If you have plans to go big with an investment as low as Rs. 1,000 (or none), here are a few ideas you can try … Continue reading 10 Businesses You Can Start Even with Rs. 1000

Start Dropshipping Business

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a concept related to e-commerce. It’s a method in which the online store doesn’t produce or stock the product it sells. Instead, the store first sells the product then purchases it from a third party for a lower price and gets it shipped directly to the customer’s address. Dropshipping is … Continue reading Start Dropshipping Business

Learn solidworks for beginer

I know there i so many people and students in this world who want to learn designig software, mostly engineering student who want to learn software like Autocad, solidworks, NX, UG, 3Ds max etc. There is so many software engineering student should must learn. so if anyone want to learn solidworks then click on the … Continue reading Learn solidworks for beginer

Words of motivation that will make you keep going

When you accept your selfthe way you are, The world Recognizes you. its all starts from within. we have this amazing fantasy, about life, this is how things should work. This is my plan, its should go as per my plan. if that doesn't happen, we give up. This life is a test and a … Continue reading Words of motivation that will make you keep going

what is the reason why most people will never achieve anything significant?

"DO NOT WATCH THE CLOCK, DO WHAT IT DOES KEEP GOING" Most people dont achieve what they want in life, its not because capable, its not because they are't capable. its because lack opportunity. its not because of the circumtances and events that arrive in their life. Most often its is because most people never define … Continue reading what is the reason why most people will never achieve anything significant?

Become Virtual Call Center Employee

What is a Virtual Call Center? A virtual call center is a call center in which organization’s agents are geographically dispersed, rather than being situated at organization’s office. In this setup, most of the agents work from their homes. When a customer calls company’s main office for enquiry, complaint or order a product, virtual call … Continue reading Become Virtual Call Center Employee

Participate In Usability Testing

Usability testing is the process in which you need to test out apps, websites, software, etc and share your feedback with the developers and help them in finding bugs, problems or improving the user experience. With usability testing, you’ll mostly need to find whether the website, app or software that you are testing is easy … Continue reading Participate In Usability Testing

Do Shopping

Do Shopping, What? You might be shocked for a moment after reading the title. You must be thinking how can I make money while shopping? To answer your question is by visiting the following sites. Most of the sites listed below will give you a percentage or a flat rate in cash back for purchasing … Continue reading Do Shopping

Start A Book Review Site

What is a Book review site? As the name suggests a book review website is a website where reviews about the books get published. Suitable For - People who have the passion for reading books. Skills Required - Ability to provide in-depth, honest and a versatile review of a book. Time Required For Starting Book … Continue reading Start A Book Review Site